Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jen & Jarroh - Engagement Session

2017 is going to be the year I start actively blogging again... Ok. I've said, so it has to be. Every time I send a finished gallery off to a client I think, this it is. I have to blog this session. There are so many beautiful pictures I want to share. So many real, emotional moments that tell this story. Impossible to see in only one or two pictures shared on Facebook or Instagram. 

Jen & Jarroh's engagement session is the perfect one to start back with on my bloggin train. It encompasses so many things I love about being a photographer here on Vancouver Island. The beauty of our coast. The rugged landscapes. That golden evening light that inspires me to be a photographer. Such cool people. These guys are it. Chill and super rad. Planning a beautiful Island wedding I get to be a part of! And to top it off, they have a cute beyond cute little son who came along (of course!), making the session extra lovely. I mean, I am biased as I have a one year old son myself. But come on! Who doesn't love one year olds wearing fluffy pom pom toques!