Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Edwards

Summer is everywhere. The air is hot and the earth dry. Down by the lake we can hear geese honking and crickets singing in the tall grass. This place reminds me of the joys of childhood, throwing sticks in the cheek and watching them float downstream or playing hide-and-go-seek while the grass itches at our bare legs. I was inspired by this beautiful young family and the joys that are to come in their lives. There family is growing and changing - so too is everything that surounds us.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Baby Taylor

Those first few days after a baby is born are magical, like a waking dream. The World goes on without us, time stops and we live in the moment like never before. As a photographer I get to peak into this sacred space and attempt to capture what is so precious and fleeting. I love meeting each new baby and seeing their proud parents smiles as they introduce us. Sweet Taylor is a reminder to me of all that I have to be grateful for. Welcome to our world little baby.