Monday, 25 April 2016

Coco turns 4!

Okay, not so long ago this little gal was just a babe -- my first born -- and today she turns 4. I am feeling this one friends. Every year since her 1st Birthday I have gotten emotional the week leading up. All of a sudden she looks and seems older. A numbers a number, right. Well when your precious baby become less and less of a baby and more and more of a little girl, it's hard to let go! But of course, all the milestones are thrilling and there's is so much to look forward to. And it's like that all year, we are changing right along with her as she demand a new style of parenting with her maturing, vibrant personality. It is quite magnificent. 
It's always just around her Birthday I look back. Oh, it can be physically painful remembering her slobbery baby kisses on my chin as I watch her pliƩ at dance class, looking so grown up. She dashes off without really saying goodbye as I drop her off at preschool, she idolizes older girls, she pretend to be six or maybe even seven in all her games, some of those looks she gives could stop you in your tracks, she's asking questions I don't want to answer. Four. Years. Old. No way. Becoming a big sister has forced her to grow up faster. World upside down, and now you've got to share everything baby. She had to learn to share me, that was hard. It's still hard. I am not even going to think about the future and her getting even older. I am living for this moment, as I watch her nurturing heart tend to her brother, her imagination explode to new heights, her beautiful laughter dance through the house. It is her graceful feminine thoughts, her wild adventurous soul and her smile, oh that smile, that I have to capture -- lest we forget.